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Feedback 2008 – 2024

2024 05 17   –   The Model’s Body Language

VLADIMIR PERFANOV   –   Sofia / Bulgaria

Wonderful work as usual. Laconic, convincing and emotional. You use the model’s body language and light perfectly, with the intuition of an artist. That’s why it’s not hard to believe in your photos. Greetings!


2024 05 13  –   Enchanting work, Robert!

VASILE-SIMION SULAREA   –   Kolding / Denmark

(About At Night, Recently On Waikiki Beach –  Infra Red Edition)

2024 05 11   –    Fresh nude work

SAKAE BABA   –   Kamakura City / Japan

This is a fresh nude work that emphasizes the ballerina’s beautiful body.

(About Body Language No.105)

2024 04 23   –   Inspiring

VLADIMIR PERFANOV   –   Sofia / Bulgaria

Inspiring poetry, congrats Robert. Cheers!

(About The Whole Story)

2024 04 22   –   Nice Shot!


(About At Night, Recently On Waikiki Beach)

2024 04 17   –   In the wild

SACHA TES   –   New York City / U.S.A.

“Quite beautiful in the wild.”

(About Being A Cat, Part Two)

2024 04 08   –   The next ones

KRZYMAT10   –   Rumia / Poland

Your photos are wonderful. I’m looking forward to the next ones. Greetings from Poland.


2024 04 08   –   Incredibly beautiful

FH PHOTOWORKS   –  Linz / Austria

Grandiose, incredibly beautiful and special photo series.

(About Being A Cat, Part Two)


2024 04 07   –   I’ve learned something today ;))

MIKE MINEHAN   –   Berlin / Germany

Just admired your homepage, also the series here with the talented Cat!!! I am absolutely thrilled, not only by your sensitive way of documenting, but by the completion of the picture shown! Masterful handling of the light, and a skin quality that can hardly be enjoyed anywhere else! Learned something today ;))

Cheers, Mike

2024 03 14   –   It’s really fun

JÖRG, J.A.-PHOTOGRAPHY   –  Hohenhameln / Germany

Hi Robert, I am truly stunned by your amazing work here. I take my hat off to youIt’s really fun to look at your photos/pictures. Best regards, Jörg


2024 03 11   –   Today is a good day for me.

SHEEN   –   Japan

Thank you for your kind words. I’m honored to have caught the attention of a photographer like you. I also saw your work including other sites, your photos are really amazing. Today is a good day for me. Thank you.”

2024 03 11   –   Simply

ARTUR PIRANT   –   Brooklyn, N.Y.C. / U.S.A.

Simply wonderful!

(about Summertime)

2024 03 04   –   Superb

LUCE SPAZIO   –   Krakow / Poland

Excellent work. Congrats! & Superb!

(about Being A Cat, Part One & Ebony And Ivory)

2024 02 26   –   Alluring

BRUCE PROTHERO  –  Melbourne / Australia

Wonderful portrait, Robert, terrific light with an alluring pose. Well captured!

(about April Come She Will)

2024 02 25   –   Everything here screams!

SAM RAMBO   –   Kennewick, Washington / U.S.A.

The composition of this image is amazing, lighting, angle, the pose, everything here screams!

(about Aspects No. 116)

2024 02 25   –   Great title

CHARLES LANDIS   –   Southern California / U.S.A.

Great title and beautiful photographs!

(about Being A Cat, Part One)

2024 02 15   –   Do we learn from history?

ARMIN GIERER   –   Germany

Thank you for the reminder, Robert! Could any of us have imagined that, under the pretext of denazification, a war between brothers, between fathers and sons, between relatives is possible? In a full-page article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung many years ago, P. argued that people do not hate by nature – his mother, who suffered greatly under the siege of Leningrad, had no hatred for German soldiers who had been forced into this mission. What matters is what people are made to believe. And how well propaganda works is demonstrated to us under the sign of Z. P. denies people who have organized themselves into a state their right to exist and lets hundreds of thousands die. Do we learn from history?

(about 75 Years Ago: The True Grimace of Fascism)


2024 02 06   –   Brandnew aesthetic approach

PAULO ABRANTES – Aveiro / Portugal

Master Robert, you create a brandnew aesthetic approach on each frame. This is amazing. Cheers!

(about Being A Cat, Part One)

2024 02 05   –   Sensual

PETER ORLICKY   –   Slovakia

Sensual and beautiful, Robert!

(about Being A Cat, Part One)


2023 12 24    –    Image creator

NORTHLIGHT  STUDIOS   –   San Francisco / U.S.A.

You appear to be a great image creator too. Happy to follow you and keep up with your work/play.

2023 12 14    –   Let us dance

NICOLE FRISCHLICH   –   Krummhoern / Germany

It is not just a sperkling moment; it is much deeper. Think about Stevie Wonder’s and Paul McCartney’s great song. Let us dance above the sky with elegance and the touching moment that leave a light on for a lifetime. Great work, Robert!

(about Ebony & Ivory)

2023 12 03   –   Excellent work

JOAO ALBUQUERQUE   –   Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

Excellent work, beautiful image, Robert!

(about Ebony & Ivory)

2023 09 19   –   Beautiful

SACHA TES   –   New York City / U.S.A.

Beautiful work and model!

(about Anxiety)

2023 08 30   –   The Lisa can do it

MIKE MINEHAN  –  Berlin / Germany

Noticeable threatening tension through the proximity and her haunting facial expressions!!!
Lisa can do it, but you, too ;))
Many greetings, Mike

(about Anxiety)

2023 08 11  –    Magnifique


Magnifique photo, Robert!

(about 1 Black And 15 White)


2023 07 27  –   This is what it looks like

BRUNO   –   Seewis-Schmitten / Switzerland

This is what it looks like when an exposure professional works. Grandiose! I should take a tutorial sometime. Best regards, Bruno

(about After Talking)

2023 07 17   –   Bienvenido siempre a Colombia

DAVID BLUE  –  Bogotá DC / Colombia

Gracias. Bienvenido siempre a Colombia un saludo para ti.

(Thank you. Always welcome to Colombia and best regards to you.)

2023 07 16   –   Stunning!

SUNNIE SUNGJA KIM   –   NewPort Beach, California / U.S.A.

Stunning! And well done, Robert!

(about Pretty Woman)

2023 07 07   –   Take care!

MIKE BRICKL  –  North Prairie, Wisconsin / U.S.A.

Robert, I’m so happy you have discovered my images from SE Wisconsin. I always enjoy seeing your photos as well!! Take care!

2023 06 27   –   Greetings

GENK SMOG  –  Pekanbaru / Indonesia

Greetings back from Indonesia

2023 06 20  –  She looks…

BRIAN SCRIVNER  –  Houston, Texas / U.S.A.

She looks absolutely stunning! And great expression and pose! Outstanding portrait!

(about Litte Red Riding Hood)

2023 05 30   –   Very erotic but …

PICCOLA ELE  –  Florence / Italy

I just wanted to say that I really like your work, especially those in your main profile. Very erotic but with very nice colors.


2023 05 08   –   Nice shot!

BENNI SIHOTANG   –   Medan / Indonesia

(about My Favourite Alien)

2023 04 09  –  Not from here

LUCJA WANATOWICZ   –   Koszalin / Poland

Her gestures, dynamics of her body and special glasses make her look extraordinary. Like an alien, not from here 🙂 Wonderful composition in which she seems to jump towards a viewer. All the best, dear Robert!

(about My Favourite Alien)


2023 04 08  –   A Sculpture

DOREE RICHTOWN   –   Munich / Germany

Indeed, dear Robert. All, here in the comments said, I can only agree. The light, is once again perfect. In addition, the pose, which makes the model, the man, become a sculpture. A sculpture as if chiseled from noble stone. Created for eternity. However, only in the series, I feel something of the proximity, which is addressed in the title. Here in the picture, through the posture, the gaze averted from the viewer, I feel rather a distance. A distance that I often feel in sculptures of antiquity. The gods stand above man. Almost unapproachable, they look past him – look into the distance. Their interest is directed towards another goal. In the series, however, I then perceive closeness. A trusting closeness, which again seems to exist only between the model and the photographer, that is, between you and her. And that must probably also be simple, if such images arise / should. All in all, this again a really wonderful series. Love and sunny Easter for you and Andrea … Doree

(about Nearness)


2023 02 14 –  Alluring


Mysterious and alluring. A story unfolding.

(about I Am The Tall Tree, Part 2)

2023 01 30  –  Cool snapshot, Robert!

VASILE-SIMION SULAREA  –  Kolding / Denmark

(about Mon cœur)


2023 01 30  – Very…

GEORGE CRAWFORD – Chirnside, Duns / United Kingdom

… beautiful image!

(about Mon cœur)

2023 01 29 –  Art!

YULIUS  –  Avilés / Spain

Sweet, beautiful and angelic. However, she immediately becomes an “artifact” that explodes in the observer’s mind, and leads him to question his prejudices, her fears, and his cultural stereotypes… It looks like a photograph, but it is a treatise on psychology. There is no question, Robert, this is art. No wonder many call you “master”. Of course you are. Best regards, my friend.

(about Mon cœur)


2023 01 22  –  Fantastic Shot!

DORIN TODOR  – Richmond, USA

(about I Am The Tall Tree, Part 2)


2023 01 22  –  Impossibly beautiful

LUCJA WANATOWICZ  –  Koszalin / Poland

An impossibly beautiful compensation for the broken limb of this old tree. The woman’s body is part of the tree, indeed. I’d say she’s a beautiful witch playing with nature. The color tone gives the composition magic and mystery. A wonderful idea, dear Robert! I love it as a tree lover. Warm greetings !

(about I Am The Tall Tree, Part 2)

2022 12 10  –  Great!

SNAPT PHOTOGRAPHY  –  Dublin / Ireland

(about Here Comes The Sun)

2022 10  11   –   Superb Composition!

BRIAN BASSON   – Brisbane / Australia

(about Girl Talk)

2022 10 09   –   Small Miracles

H.HAMIDI   –   Iran

A good photo with wonderful composition! In small miracles, I believe. For example: I have found you! H.Hamidi

(about Too Long Exposure Time in To Be Continued: Solitaires)

2022 09 26  –  Beautiful

João ALBUQUERQUE   –   Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

Beautiful, Robert!

(about Manitou, To You …)

2022 08 13  –   Perfect portrait!

电竞中山桥一霸-INF   –   Chaoyang District / China

Perfect portrait!

(about Charley’s True Aunt)

2022 07 05   –   Love it!

布衣山人         –    Guyang / China

Stunning picture, love it.

(about Maya the Bee)


2022 06 24   –   Awesome work!

TANI MITTRA   –   Calcutta / India

Awesome work! Congrats!


2022 06 23   –   Nice!

CAMIL BICIC   –   Perth / Australia



2022 06 10   –   Truly Gorgeous!

DIANA   –   Donezk / Ukraine

It was an amazing relaxing shooting with Robert! He is a real professional, the time has passed really quickly and I fully enjoyed the shooting atmosphere with him 🙂 The photos are truly gorgeous and I would be happy to shoot again ♥


2022 04 24  –  Bursting

ELENA   –   Brunnthal / Germany

What a wonderful sedcard. It is bursting with passion for photography. Truly stunning!


2022 04 19  –  I can’t explain

JB PHOTO  –  Jyväskylä / Finland

There is something in this image I can’t explain. Awesome!

(about Never Trust A Stranger)


2022 04 18  –  Thanks

RA’FAT BORINI  –  Nablus / Palestine

Thanks for being here. It is a great honor for me, I repeat my thanks and respect.

2022 02 08   –   Certificate by 1x.com

2022 01 16   –  Ingenious work!


Geniale Arbeit!



2022 01 13   –  Incredible beautiful and well done

FRANK PICHUNTER  – Frankfurt am Main / Germany

I was just on your website…..incredibly beautiful and well done.
I’m also a web designer and like to look at such a good work.

Again, fantastic work in magical light and in addition a super selected music.
It’s fun to linger and experience.

I wish you all the time good light and many beautiful moments.
Stay healthy!!!!!

Love and thanks again…..Frank

2022 01 07   –   Fascinating …

BRIAN SCRIVNER   –  Kirov / Russia

…pose and vibrant tones! Exceptional portrait.



2021 12 04  –  The Best

GIOCONDA – Hechingen / Germany

Your ballerinas are the best! Very dear greetings!



2021 11 28  –  Can’t forget

LUCJA WANATOWICZ – Koszalin / Poland

I must tell you that I can’t forget your last image – how to show a naked body with the message very far from the ideas related to so called “Nude”. Greetings!



2021 11 25  –  Self-confident

GIOCONDA  –  Hechingen / Germany

For me, your images are strong, expressive and self-confident.
Your professionalism is evident in every picture.
And I find very nice your curriculum vitae from your
introductory text.
Regards, Gioconda


2021 11 22  –  Bravo

JEAN BAGEN – Ariege / France

Wonderful. Real fine art. Bravo.


2021 11 15  –  Wow

ANGELIKA REMPE – Schloss Holte-Stutenbrock / Germany

Wow …  Impressively grandiose!


2021 09 30  – Years of experience

LISA F. – Vienna / Austria

Dear Robert, thank you very much, I was also very pleased to work with you as a photographer with many years of experience. It was a super pleasant, relaxed shooting with you in the midst of beautiful nature. You recognized and highlighted my strengths right away! I’m already looking forward to all of the beautiful photos and am also looking forward to planning a shoot with you again.
Best regards from Vienna, Lisa


2021 07 20  –  Most talented

DENISA STRAKOVA – Zurich / Switzerland

He is one of the most talented photographers I ever met and worked with. Very professional attitude, amazing postproduction, reliable and very lovely artist. I will be always honoured to pose for you. I wish you all the best and stay safe 🙂 DS


2021 05 25  –  Expressiveness

YULIUS – Aviléz / Spain

A composition full of strength and expressiveness, like all your works. Wonderful photography, Robert. Best regards.

(about Fancy-Free)


2021 04 07  – Please keep posting

MUDDASSAR AHMAD – Sialkot / Pakistan

All of your work is extremely impressive. Please keep posting.


2021 03 01  –  So sexy

CHARLIZE THONG – Jenikov / Czech Republic

So sexy and beautiful! Kiss, Charlize

(about Leather)


2021 02 15  –  Light

BRUCE PROTHERO – Melbourne / Australia

Wonderful portrait Robert, excellent light and tones with a great expression. Well captured!


2021 02 15  –  Fantastic

J. PHOTOGRAPHY – Riga / Latvia

(about Child of Gold)


2021 01 04  – Beautiful


Beautiful portrait work!!!


2021 01 01  –  Fantastic

JACEK KLUCZNIK – Nuremberg / Germany

Fantastic … simply fantastic … Best regards, Jacek

(about The Snow Queen)


2020 11 16  –  Awesome!




2020 11 05  –  Beautiful

兔爷老赵 – Beijing / China

Beautiful shooting, my friend, greetings!

(about DERVISHA)


2020 11 03 – Woooow!!!

GIA MARIA – Moscow / Russia

Woooow!!! Fantastic!

(about WAX)


2020 10 25 – Unique indeed

KIMINUR LURRA  – Euskal Herria / Basque Country

Absolutely amazing. Light, textures, tones, always classy, perfect. This time composition makes it unique indeed. Congratulations, Robert, and thanks for sharing.

(about ASPECTS No.116)


2020 10 18 – Vogue

EL FAROL – Heiligenkreuz / Austria

This series should rather be seen in VOGUE!

(about DERVISHA)


2020 09 24 – Top!

IGINO TRONCI – Milan / Italy


(about DERVISHA)


2020 09 18 – Stellar!!!

JOSEFINA MELO – Oeiras / Portugal

Repeating myself this one is something out of this world … stellar!!!


2020 08 17 – Photography

ORI WOLF – Tel Aviv / Israel

Great Nude Photogaphy.


2020 08 10 – Stunning

AFZAL KARIM – Dhaka / Bangladesh

Stunning capture and beautiful composition, my friend Robert.

(about PAIN??)


2020 06 30 – We Can See

YURI LEMMI – Livorno / Italy

We can see your talent in all your works. Congrats as always my friend. … Ciao, Yuri


2020 05 30 – She rocks!

OLEH KAVRONIUK – Ottawa / Canada

She rocks!



2020 05 28 – Great Respect

JOHN CHILVER – Stour Bridge / United Kingdom

Great respect for maintaining this memory!



2020 04 10 – Beautiful

LUZMI ORTIZ – Montevideo / Uruguay

Very beautiful work!


2020 04 02 – The Best

SAKAE BABA – Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture / Japan

You’re the best.


2020 02 28 – Living Sculpture

MARK L. BENEDYCZAK – Montreal / Canada

Another living sculpture – unique, intriguing and engaging on so many levels!



2020 02 20 – Very


Very graceful!

(about BODY LANGUAGE NO.105)


2020 01 08 – Cool

SCOTT DOYLE – Scottsdale, Arizona / U.S.A.

Very cool portrait! Cheers!



2020 01 03  –  Only A Few Chosen Ones

PAULO ABRANTES – Aveiro / Portugal

Your exquisite personal way to shoot and show a photograph. Only a few chosen ones can do this. So many thanks for sharing!


2019 12 24 – Creativity

KEN WELCH – Berlin / Germany

Wonderful photography – such creativity!


2019 11 25 – High Recognition Value

EDGAR BARTH – Cologne / Germany

Your photos have a high recognition value. The perfect light, the way to direkt the model – just the class of your photographs. Best regards!


2019 09 03 – Precision

MARKUS LOKAI – Cologne / Germany

I admire the precision of your work. Great series of photographs!


2019 08 22  – Robert!!

HOLANDÉS ERRANT – Valencia / Spain

Excellent, Robert!!


2019 08 08 – She’s Russian

BRIAN SCRIVNER – Kirov / Russia

Breathtakingly beautiful! And yes, I can tell she’s Russian. She has a classic Russian figure. I’ve lived in Russia for some time now and they can be easy to recognize 🙂

(about GROUNDED)


2019 07 12 – Rodin

FREIGEIST – Heppenheim / Germany

As if Rodin has been a photographer.



2019 07 02 – Wonderful Style

GIA MARIA – Moscow / Russia

Hello Robert! You have wonderful style of pictures, esthetic and dynamic!

It is amazing!

Best wishes from Moscow!



2019 06 23 – The Brown Shit

DOREE RICHTOWN – Munich / Germany

Dear Robert. Also, the memory of this and other such massacres that were committed – and unfortunately are still being committed in many parts of our world – makes me angry, sad and horrified. And the idea that such massacres could be committed again by us Germans in the future horrifies me even more. Why only our politicians do not wake up finally and fight against, but allow the brown shit from more and more holes to swell and to flood us. For “Defend the Beginnings” it seems to me it would be almost too late. It is to cry for. Regards, Doree


2019 06 10 – Speechless

CASEY HARRIS – Carthage, Missouri / U.S.A.

Truly amazing! I have always been fascinated by the history of war. This photo left me speechless. Excellent work!



2019 06 10 – Strong picture

DAV CVLER – France

Beautiful and strong picture, much better than selfies taken by ignorant assholes on instagram …



2019 06 10 – Hope

EDGAR BARTH – Cologne / Germany

The devilments that were committed should never be forgotten. With such photos, dear Robert, and the story behind, I hope young people will read who choose a party that you really hoped that it would have disappeared from the heads! But still there is inflow – REGRETTABLY! We can only enlighten and show, point out and just document facts … in the hope that one listens, sees and understands. Sincerely, @gar


2019 06 05 – More than 1 time

KATRINA – Moscow / Russia

You are a very good photographer. Hope we will work together more than 1 time.


2019 04 25 – Speaking Models

PAULO ABRANTES – Aveiro / Portugal

Love the body language but this is your signature. Models actually speak in your pictures.


2019 04 22 – Gracias

GABRIEL HERNANDEZ – Montréal, Québec / Canada

So cool!


2019 03 07 – Throw Away

JÜRGEN – Gifhorn/Germany

I can hardly say anything about your photographs; they’re freezing me into awestruck speechlessness.  They are made of a sensational calm and aesthetics, that’s just fantastic. I had better to throw away my camera (which would not be a big loss for me) – to look only at your pictures. I am completely delighted…

2019 02 25   Wonderful series!


Beautiful flowing lines and expression, wonderful series! Congrats, Robert!

2019 02 25   Wonderful lighting!

DENNIS BARNETT – Lincolnshire, Illinois/U.S.A.

Wonderful lighting and softness


2019 02 24   Without Many Words

ALEX A. – Zurich/Switzerland

Without many words

Class A!

Regards from Switzerland!

2019 02 15   Most Expressive

DOREE RICHTOWN – Munich/Germany

Dear Robert, what should I say? This hair! They flare like flames on the face, the head of the model. In addition, the contrast of snow-white skin! A phenomenon like from another world. A little diabolical, almost like a being from the underworld. Very expressive! Not quite as pleasing as your work usually is. A little disturbing, but also fascinating. I mean, probably one of your most expressive models, as well as one of your most expressive photos. Greetings from the Franconian province … Doree

2019 01 29   As Good

JÜRGEN – Linz/Austria

As good as it gets!!!

2019 01 15   Love

MARKUS HUBER – Innsbruck/Austria

Exceptional beautiful – I love your photos!


2018 12 01   World Class


I really like your series Let your hair down, even if the model is not “my gusto”, so the pictures are really world class. I would like to achieve something like that: To reset your own predilection for a specific model so that you can still show a picture that simply achieves museum quality.


2018 11 25   It Looks So So Amazing

PAULO ABRANTES – Aveiro/Portugal

So many thanks for letting me know about your new web site IT LOOKS SO SO AMAZING beautiful. I love it, love the flow, the layout presentation, the aesthetics. Also loved the fact that you inserted our interview together there. I am so proud of that interview with you. Thanks from my heart, it is an honor for me. I only missed a “guest book”, I looked there and I did not saw it. Maybe it is meant not to have none. I feel just proud about you and about this your new home 🙂 so beautiful, actually. I will be a visitor for sure, as you know, because I love your work, for real, and because I learn a lot each time I study one of your shots. Thanks. Warm regards from Portugal, cheers; Paulo


2018 09 11   Bookends


Thanks so much to … Robert for his vision and art. For those interested in more, I encourage a visit to Robert s website, where casually browsing through two of the “featured” collections (“We Wanted Workers…”, 21 Barefoot Positions) provides additional insight and wonder into and about the bookends of Robert s career. And, on a personal note as someone born in the same year as Robert, I REALLY enjoyed learning about (and seeing) the musicians through his eyes. ELP, Herbie Hancock, Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin–the names and the images bring back wonderful memories of what it was like to be a teenager in the 70s.


2018 08 04   A class apart

RAINER LEISS – Vienna/ Austria

Your erotic photos are a class apart!!


2018 08 03   Newton’s

PETER ACKERMANN – Baden-Wuerttemberg / Germany

The way you shot reminds a mite of Helmut Newton’s works.


2018 04 14   Hallo Robert


Seit langen mal wieder auf deiner Seite, deine Bilder gefallen mir immer noch sehr gut, einfach herrlich wieder anzusehen. Gruß, Frank


2018 04 03   Enjoyed the visit

STEFFEN EBERT – Magdeburg/Germany

Thank you for showing your work, Robert, I enjoyed the visit here very much. Best regards!


2018 02 28   Unique Way


Robert, I enjoy your photographic style; you have a unique way in which you compose your models and that can be seen in the way you compose a landscape or other. Keep exploring, I love it.
All the best, T.


2018 02 28   Glamour


Really a good portfolio enriched by fine art works. Nice and polite compos, eyecatching and well spotted on your fav theme Glamour. Effctive!


2018 02 09   Lovely style


Lovely style, elegant & beautiful, Robert !


2018 01 02   I would like to …

MILAN JUREK – Frydek-Mistek/Czech Republic

You have amazing photos. I would like to learn from you.


2017 12 28   God’s Gift

WILFRIED DELCAMBRE – Versailles/France

Miss J. is indeed exceptionnal. I love her in “GOD S GIFT” which is my absolute favorite.
The movement, the light, all the details… I wish I knew how to make such beautiful pictures.


2017 11 06

Полина Полина Сова – Moscow/Russia

Fold, playfulness, shot, type – classic, friend.


2017 09 17   That Will Last Centuries

PAULO ABRANTES – Aveiro/Portugal

… another one belonging to love at first sight for me…! A picture that will last centuries, for sure. So much class, elegancy and delicatesse. Congrats, Robert
(About Fairy Tale No. 23 from 2013; © www.500px.com)


2017 09 07   Pleasure


I have not visited in a while but it is always a pleasure to come across your work. Congrats to you and your model, Robert!
© www.500px.com


2017 08 31   Getting

DARIO PUEBLA – Buenos Aires/Argentina

By the way, I could not help getting caught by your delicate and fine portfolio. A really pleasant experience. Cheers from Buenos Aires. D.
© www.1x.com


2017 08 20   Music To My Eyes

JEREMY NORTH – Cheltenham/U.K.

Thank you Robert for a superb portfolio. The pictures of women are stunning and I like especially the Music Gallery.


2017 08 20   New Fan

NICK VAN DIJK – Netherlands

Hey Robert – you have a new fan! 🙂
Grtz, Nick
© www.1x.com


2017 08 07   –   More than 1 time

KATRINA   –   Munich / Germany

Thank you so much for great shooting! It is was very good time and I think we did very good photo 🙂 )))) You are very good photographer)
Hope we will work more than 1 time  🙂 ))))


2017 08 05   Endorsement


Robert’s nudes are stylish, extremely aesthetic, and never slip into banality. But to reduce Robert Komarek in an endorsement to a pure “Fine Art Nude Photographer” would not do justice to him and his work. What it covers is a much richer spectrum. The choice of his subjects, composition, light setting and image processing are just perfect!
© www.1x.com


2017 07 30   Women

GUENTHER STROBL – Vienna/Austria

I’ve been busy for some time with photography, the last 2 years more intense, have also made a media and press photography training.
So but now to your photos, mainly the women pictures fascinate me, alone the light and shadow representations – unique.
Should you do something again in Vienna, my help / support as a photographer helper would be happy, because only from the best you can learn relatively quickly.
Best regards from Vienna Günther

2017 07 28   Stories

UWE MATZ – Wesel/Germany

Your pictures of people tell stories.

2017 07 19   Stylish


Superb series Robert, very stylish, excellent work. Congrats!
© www.1x.com


2017 05 22   Beautiful and even more beautiful

HOLGER BECKER – Solingen/Germany

When I feel the need to admire beautiful women on even more beautiful photos, I am always right with you.


2017 02 14   Every day

KAI (FOTOGRAFAN) – Lofoten/Norway

Dear Robert, with your wonderful works I could just start every day.


2016 12 31   Limitless

MARK L. BENEDYCZAK – Quebec/Canada

Your creativity is limitless, Robert


2016 12 05   Your play

EDGAR BARTH – Cologne/Germany

Your play with the light – admirable. Kind regards, Edgar


2016 11 16   Good

FOTOGRAFAN – Lofoten/Norway

Good that there is you and your fantastic works, Robert! This is again something special where you can also receive the rays of your pride and self-confidence. Again perfectly worked with black and masterfully conjured the balance in the asymmetrical composition. Regards.


2016 11 02   Bravo!


Dear Robert! Wonderful work. It is a real skill!


2016 10 23   Different

OLGIERD KAJAK – St.Gallen/Switzerland

I like the difference and freshness of your images. Congratulations and greetings,


2016 09 06   Great Intensity

GREG KIRKPATRICK – Amsterdam/Netherlands

Great intensity, Robert!


2016 03 27   With such Bunny

VICTOR CUCOS – Toronto/Canada

Elegance … lovely frame, Robert! With such bunny, Easter will be great indeed;-))


2016 02 05   Wow

JANINE – Vienna/Austria

Great pictures, especially the landscape photographs I find impressive.


2016 02 02   Bravo!


Dear Robert!
I enjoyed looking through your new work. Thank you for this greetings from summer!

2016 02 02   Comment

You know the charms of your models to represent excellent. But I miss pictures for the target group women of almost 80 years. 😉 Such age and gender-independent fascinating people pictures there were earlier also from you.
Kind regards,


2016 02 02   Inspiring

ART @GAR BARTH – Cologne/Germany

Dear Robert,
Your ART of model photography is unmistakable. Your style runs like a thread through your work.
Best regards from Cologne


2016 02 02   Creativity


Your creativity and use of the props is simply amazing! Impressive work, Robert


2015 12 23   Each One

PAULO ABRANTES – Aveiro/Portugal

Every time I see a new photograph from you my heart goes boom, and start in a crazy “mode”…! There is a gigantic difference between simply excellency of execution and excellency of execution with pure talent and class. You are the few among the second group. Each one of your images shows that from itself. Another pure image where the only negative point can only be in my eyes not to be able to “absorve” it all. But I can assure you, I try very hard to learn and to learn from you the most I can. Many thanks, Robert. Wish you a Merry Christmas time, with health, happiness and good fortune, for you and for all that you care about. Cheers, my friend!


2015 12 22   Very inspiring

MARTINA L. – Vienna/Austria

Very nice photos you take. My favorite are the ones with the song lines. Very inspiring.
Very dear greetings,



2015 11 25   White Rooms

MICHAEL – Reutlingen/Germany

Only few can fill white spaces with life like this.


2015 10 19   Cinema

ANDREAS SACHS – Frankfurt am Main/Germany

Great cinema, more can not be said about it (and your website). Wow.


2015 09 02   More than pleasure

FOTOGRAFAN – Lofoten/Norway

It is more than pleasure, Robert!


2015 07 02   In love

THINK PINK – Vienna/Austria

Thank you dear Robert for this fantastic series! I am completely in love with the pictures!!! A thousand thanks for your wonderful work!
All the love from Vienna


2015 06 09   Fan


I LOVE your expressive, subtle nude work!!!
Bernd, Fan


2015 05 19   So much

JUSTINE HIPPE – Cuxhaven/Germany

I love your work. So much class.



2015 04 15   You are


You are a terrific photographer.
Respectful greetings, Didi


2015 03 21   Time out


Dear Robert,
Today I took some time out again and let myself be touched by your photographic works. Every time I forget time and place and let myself be carried away into your world….artistic delight!!!!
Surely soon again and very warm greetings…Dagmar


2015 03 07   I Love

PAOLO DI NUNNO – Florence, Tuscany/Italy

I love your photos, Robert!!!


2015 03 04   I wish I knew

WILFRIED DELCAMBRE – Versailles/France

The movement, the light, all the details … I wish I knew how to make such beautiful pictures.


2015 02 01   Ladies

BETTY DITSCHEID – Vienna/Austria

Mr. Komarek, your ladies are great – beautiful photos!


2015 01 07   Wow

NINA – Münchhausen/Germany

Wanted to leave a “Wow” there, have not seen for a long time so aesthetic nudes, just wonderful.
Dearest greetings


2014 11 02   Amazing

GERALD B. – Belgium

All your portfolio is amazing.


2014 09 29   Klucznik

JACEK KLUCZNIK – Nuremberg/Germany

Exzellent!All photos speak to me incredibly.
There you can see the master!


2014 08 02   Again

FOTOGRAFAN – Lofoten/Norway

Your magic on work again


2014 06 27   Incredible

GREG KIRKPATRICK – Amsterdam/Netherlands

I think we all would be very pleased if you might share some more of Gods Gift with us.
She is, and you are, incredible.


2014 05 12   ++++


A fine site… to look long!
Greeting Biene

2014 04 23    Ardent Admirer

GEOFF CHILDS – Australia

I am an ardent admirer of your stylish work – Cheers from Oz!


2014 03 01   Emotions


I cannot express emotions in words.


2014 02 26   Great II

EMIL JOVANOV – Horn/Austria

Yes, you are a great photographer! Beautiful works!


2014 02 26   Great

ANDERSON DIAZ – Caracas/Venezuela

Spectacular, you are a great photographer friend, cheers!


2014 02 22   Doing Better


You can’t do better, robert – just great!!!


2014 02 22   Search

DOREE RICHTOWN – Franconia/Germany

Every time I sit in front of one of your photos, I search for words that could do the photo justice.
But I find it harder and harder to find a description, because I would only repeat myself. So this time it just stays with: Masterly perfect! Not only this photo – no, the whole series GODS GIFT. Congrats and warmly … Doree :o))


2014 01 21   Unstoppable


Your creative mind is unstoppable 🙂 What I really admire is how details oriented your images are.


2013 11 26   Above Us


You turn all your models in a kind of super human beings…, they stand for themselves, all alone, and always with a body pose that feels that they are floating “above us”. JUST AWESOME.


2013 11 25  Fresh Fish

DIRK SAGEBIEL – Tauberzell, Mittelfranken/Germany

fischers fritz fishes fresh fish , robert komarek fishes fresh models !!!


2013 11 13   Changed

BRIAN CANN – Waldenbuch/Germany

I have been following your work for a while now Robert, both on MK and on your web-site. I find it consistently interesting and different. There are not many photographers whose work has changed my way of looking at things in recent years, but yours has. Thank you.


2013 11 11   Greetings from Moscow


Dear Robert!
Saw your new work. I am thrilled!
Sincerely, Vladimir Besperstov


2013 10 14   So naturally


Only you can make your models move so naturally in front of the camera.

Best regards … Doree :o))


2013 09 10   Best in Class

EDITH HANTAK – Vienna/Austria

Whenever I visit your homepage I am impressed about the diversity, quality and creativity of the exhibited photos.
They are work of art and also tell stories. This is perhaps why they are touching.


2013 09 03   Down to the last

CARSTEN THUN – Hamburg/Germany

Hey Robert,
… Your website is incredible, there are so many treasures! Your exposures are at their best, your staging is polished to the last detail, and I love your reduced style. I wish for many more beautiful images from you! All the best… Carsten


2013 09 03   Cinematic Feel


You are not only a great photographer, you are also a great director. Your pictures have a very cinematic feel and look.


2013 06 16   Old Friends

CHRISTINE  –   Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert!
As one of your first models, I have followed your career with great interest and admiration!!!
You are like a good wine that gets better and better with time!
I am very proud of you for being able to express your creativity so perfectly!!!!
With much love -!
In old friendship and solidarity !
Yours,  Christine


2013 06 14   Great Cinema


Dear Robert,

that one hardly needs to lose words about photographic performance and quality is almost a pity. However, there is no clearer language than your works themselves.
What also seems very significant to me, however, is the fact that with your series “She’s Leaving Home” and now newly with “Les Belles Époques” you magnificently process an acting gem of your models. This is most remarkable, and I am delighted to see this particular mode of expression in your work. Personally, I hope for more such visual “outliers”.
With this you create quite great cinema in photography!

With friendly greetings
Frank Thomas


2013 06 11   Photo-Phantastic

NICOLE FRISCHLICH – Recklinghausen/Germany

Dear Robert,
very gladly I look at your works, which “draw” so wonderfully. They report an admirable perfection and draw their incredible, own style.
It is always a pleasure for me to look at them and you are one of the people who stick very firmly through their impressive works.
Many love greetings
Nicole Frischlich

2013 06 10   The New …

HELGA – Steyr/Austria

Dear Robert!
It is always a pure pleasure to roam through your gallery and discover new things! You “perfect” yourself in an inimitable way.
I am also very enthusiastic about the location at the “Zeppelzauers” and the pictures taken there! A nostalgic dream!
With the best greetings from your old homeland,


2013 06 10   Great staging


I always like to stop by. Your productions are an inspiration for me. Impressive new series of images that you present to us. LG Cornel


2013 06 10   Wonderful new pictures

MARCO – Bremerhaven/Germany

What to write about such brilliant new (and old) pictures? Nothing is careless, everything is from one cast. High school! I am thrilled. Congratulations!
Best regards,


2013 06 09   Full court

RK MICHAEL – Germany

Dear Robert,
congratulations on your new homepage. A wonderful and clearly designed platform, which does full justice to your works and offers them a very good presentation basis.
Best regards,


2013 06 08   last works … all


Dear Robert, thank you for your message. Without it I would not have gone at present probably on your HP – not from disinterest, but from lack of time. But so I just took the time and am again brightly enthusiastic. Your creativity, your craftsmanship, coupled with your graceful models Chrissl, Orphelia and the truly incomparable Joelina simply results in a melange for which I lack the appropriate words.
Congratulations on these truly once again exceptional and great projects.
Sincerely … Doree


2013 06 08   Great!


Dear Robert!
Always feel admiration from seeing your great work!


2013 06 08   Simply ingenious!

ANDREA POSSLER – Vienna/Austria

Dear Roberto!
You have outdone yourself once again…..dreamy beautiful in all respects! Chapeau!!!!
Keep it up… you’ll be hooked!
Best regards to you
Yours,  Andrea


2013 05 27   Wonderful


Super web presence.
Great pictures.
Greetings Andreas
Gruß Andreas

2013 05 23     Quality


I am happy to see more of your works here, I admire your skills and the unsurpassed quality of your photographs. Regards, Tatiana 🙂


2013 03 21     Nude

HARRY STABNO – Ohrdruf/Germany

Hello Robert …
So your photographs are really good, … and especially the nude photographs are of excellent quality…!
My respect!


2013 03 15   artista

AUSONIA – Roma/Italy

sei un artista, Robert.


2013 03 10   Robert

YURI LEMMI – Livorno/Italy

Robert, I love all your work!!! Congrats!!!
Yuri …


2013 02 25   Everything

KIMINUR LURRA – Basque Country

So different form what we usually watch in your gallery. It shows that you can greatly shoot everything you have on sight! Perfect composition and really wonderful lighting to enhance those volumes!


2013 02 19   Fresh air

KEVIN HAGGITH – Toronto/Canada

I am so thrilled to have stumbled into your gallery … what a breath of fresh air and originality! I am in awe!


2013 02 12   Wonderful

ARVID KLOKK – Toensberg, Vestfold/Norway

You are a big photographer. Your work is so beautiful. Just wanna tell it.


2013 01 16   Inventive

TED GRANGER – Searcy, Arkansas/U.S.A.

Your photography is interesting, inventive, with excellent execution.


2012 12 08   Magic

ANALUA ZOÉ – Cascais/Portugal

Your photos have magic and fascinating expressions


2012 11 26   In any era

PHIL ROBSON – Newcastle Upon Tyne/UK

Astonishing work, Robert, in any era … looking forward to see other examples :0)


2012 10 29   More

DOHYUN HA – South Korea

You are trying more than pictures 🙂


2012 10 28   Wish you success!


Got a great pleasure from viewing of your work!
Vladimir Besperstov


2012 10 13   Pure Art

REZA SAMAMI – Melbourne/Australia

Your work is awesome.
It is an example of pure art.


2012 10 06   I lost no time

DAVID MAS – Barcelona/Catalonia

Robert, my most sincere congratulations for your work! I visited your website and I can assure you that I really enjoyed, I lost no time, contrary I think your work is worth looking at it several times, so you can fully grasp all its beauty. I wish one day I have the ability to excite with my photos the way you do! Thank you so much for sharing your work, after “knowing you” I am delighted that opines of my images!
David Mas


2012 10 02   Source

VIJAY VAZIRANI – Nagpur, Maharastra/India

Thank you for being a source of inspiration


2012 09 17   filmic

VAL PERFANOW – Sofia/Bulgaria

Perfect mise-en-scène, light, model, framing…. all is on the right place.
Your works possess a unique filmic atmosphere. Top class , congrats Robert !


2012 08 20   Shooting Eve.

SAAD SALEM – Falluja/Iraq

I could not comment at a nude image by will, but I will cut it short here.
You have shot each of your models in those pages as if there would be only one woman in the world, and this woman is the one you are shooting.


2012 06 12   inspirations …


Hello Robert,
I took some time out again and looked around here…. the new series “red and white satin” is fascinating and inspires me to continue painting my nude cycle…..creative and colorful greetings….Dagmar


2012 06 12   Fine Things

ANDREAS W. – Saudi-Arabia

Hello Robert,
am only now the first time stumbled on your website and am fully enthusiastic! Very fine works of art to admire here. Have me dazumals at fb your pictures always already very well liked, but now I find that you are again further come very close to perfekton! Congratulations on the great works!
Warmest greetings from the not so cool Saudi Arabia,
Your Andreas


2012 06 10  To Drink Coffee


I am enjoying it very much that I have the time to sit at the computer for a long time, to drink a coffee and to look at a part of your incredible collection …


2012 06 07   Sometimes


Sometimes then I fly once to Bremen and let me show this skin treatment …



2012 05 17   Boredom

GABI – Marchtrenk/Austria

Hello Robert!
So Top Hat III is excellent. Rarely do you see such an expressive model, with that mien of boredom!!!!
Hope Lancelot will be so patient and fit for a long time ….
All love


2012 05 15   Change of style

HELMUT HÖLZL – Münichsthal/Austria

… I notice a change in your style, especially in the studio shots: extremely good lighting, impressive poses. …
LG and Chapeau!
Gitti + Helmut


2012 05 15   Many photos …

ANDREA K. – Austria

… I looked at today.
True works of art are there.
With special pleasure I looked at the photos from Pienza – people I know :o))
All love


2012 05 14   Dimension

DR. ANNA FLAMENT – Vienna/Austria

Dear Mr. Komarek,
I am glad that you have found your artistic dimension!
Best regards,
Dr. Anna Flament


2012 04 16   great work – love this page


The homepage, these works simply class.
Regards, Marc Thalie and Jessi Thalie


2012 03 15   Just Mia – what do you mean just? 😉


My very big compliments to this series. Here you can literally feel that the photographer and the model had fun creating this series. The eyes, the facial expressions of the model express this.
Or I would have to deceive me very hard.
Wonderful this work of both of you, dear Robert.


2012 02 11   Splendids of ’74

UNIV.-PROF. DR. CHRISTIAN S. – Vienna/Austria

I’m not sure what moves me more at the moment, your creation, which I have let work on me in the last 2 hours or the circumstance of not maintaining a friendship as I would really like to do!
Thank you, C.!


2012 02 08   Time Out


Dear Robert,
It is an absolute pleasure to look at your work….both in artistic and aesthetic expression, it is stunning.
I regularly allow myself the time out to wander through your galleries….
Best regards,


2012 01 28   I’m hanging

MICHA – Aachen/Germany

Hello Robert,
I’m hanging now already a whole hour on your HP firmly and am completely thrilled by what you offer the inclined viewer.
Great compliment to your work … !
Best greetings
Micha, Aachen


2012 01 26   1984


Your picture series 1984 is quite great cinema! My compliments to you, Robert!


2012 01 24   Exciting


Hello Robert,
I was on your SC because I am an admirer of your work 🙂 You are an exciting photographer! ggg*
Love greetings


2012 01 19   Arts


Hello 🙂
I just looked at your pictures, also the ones on your HP and I am impressed.
This is art for me, I want to be able to photograph like that.
It’s just a joy to click through the different series. The series Metamorphoses pulls you right under its spell, especially the picture where the girl is lying on the forest floor, lets you no longer go.
So I could continue to rave now, simply madness.


2011 12 14   Cannot Imagine

DR. JOHN F. STRAUSS – Decorah, Iowa/U.S.A.

I cannot imagine why Robert isn’t more famous.


2011 12 12   High Quality


Dear Robert,
have discovered today on your homepage, which I visit from time to time, some new things. Your consistently high photographic quality impresses and inspires me again and again. May you never lose your imaging commitment.
Best regards
Frank Thomas


2011 10 31   Stay a moment!


Rarely have I taken so much time to look at a portfolio. You tell stories photographically. Stories, whose end one would like to look at absolutely. My respect!
I would love to share your portfolio with my Google + photography friends (about 500 worldwide) and recommend the link to your website. Would this be ok for you?
Many greetings
p.s. Will now visit regularly.


2011 09 22   Signs of life


Dear Robert,
after a long time I am once again on your HP. Your fascinating pictures to look at is as always a treat. I thank you that I was allowed to go a short way with you.By the way, the FB is finally history since a few days. For me already since the beginning of the year.
Best regards from the old homeland send you all Rudi and Inge


2011 06 08   Your pictures – always a treat


While looking at your pictures here on your HP, one encounters photographs that are not only masterfully composed, but which combine aesthetics and eroticism in a wonderful way.
Your productions are always surprising and of immense expressiveness … and always a treat. To keep this level and even to increase it – a skill I admire in you, dear Robert!
Very warmly, Lena


2011 04 12   If anyone can tell stories, it’s YOU


Dear Robert,
Congratulations on your site, I am always a great admirer of your work. Am also very happy to know you personally and thank you also hereby cordially for your photographically accompanying friendship. Many love greetings and further from my heart much success and health. May your inexhaustible creativity and your demand for quality never dry up.
Klaus Moser


2011 04 10   A hello from Bremen :=)

JENS BÖTTCHER – Bremen/Germany

Hello Robert, great praise to you for your shots shown here. Very nice how in each series always new and creative shooting techniques and design elements are used. Very nice, natural and stylish nudes, the lighting is perfect in every detail. I am already looking forward to the next series.
Best regards, Jens


2011 04 09   Greetings from the Pielach Valley


Dear Robert with great pleasure we have browsed through your new albums and are thrilled as always. We often think back to hours spent together with you.
Love greetings
Rudi and Inge


2011 04 09   Chapeau

ALEX WURDITSCH – Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert,

your creative energy and the fantastic results always inspire me anew.
That was a very wise decision for all art enthusiasts that you have turned more to erotic people photography again!
Keep it up!
Here I look over and over again with pleasure!
Best regards from Vienna.


2011 04 08    Photos

DR. ANNA FLAMENT – Vienna/Austria

Interesting, very aesthetic, sometimes even mystical photographic messages . There are but very beautiful women love to model. I like it. The north should stimulate creativity very much. Although the photos from earlier have the charm of the hidden.


2011 04 08   Pretty girls


The new pictures are nothing special in one respect: They correspond to the usual high level of the photographer, which will probably be difficult to increase beyond perfection…
Silent admiration alternates with intense feelings of envy: Who wouldn’t like to work with such pretty girls?
The undersigned recommends to suppress the mentioned feelings future work with collars – the art of the photographer probably makes beauties even from it!
With most appreciative greetings to North Germany!
Herwig, the fnFr


2010 12 09   really great cinema!

KATARINA – Germany

hello robert,
now i finally got the chance to have a look at your homepage and i am completely enthusiastic!!!!
i admire your urge to develop and hope that we will have the chance to work together more often.
LG Katarina


2010 12 07   Eye Candy

ALEX WURDITSCH – Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert,
your creative work literally explodes, not only in number, but especially in creativity and sensitivity.
It is really a pleasure to linger on your homepage and indulge in your pictures!
Your creativity and you as a person enjoy my full respect.
It is nice to know someone like you – even if unfortunately not yet in real life.
Meanwhile, you are also already for years a critical observer of my “work”!!!
Through your feedback you have made no insignificant contribution to the “self-esteem of the artist in me”.
For this I thank you from the heart!
I hope we can soon shake each other’s hand in real life and chat old-stylish 🙂
Further much joy and good light!!!
lg from Vienna
A BIG fan


2010 11 22   Sprung nach vorne

PROF. DR. OSKAR SEBER – Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert!
Your latest photos show a huge leap forward.
We are happy about this development!
Love greetings


2010 09 01   Splendid Class


Dear Robert,
what can I say? I am overwhelmed! It is an honor for me to have attended school with you and much more…
And it saddens me not to have kept my promise to intensify the contact with you and to visit you before your exodus.
You are still “a handsome guy”, but age leaves its mark, on all of us (splendid class members).
Thanks to u and all the crispy girls (shown above) I could not have :-((


2010 04 22   Alles Gute


Dear Robert
we are very sorry that we live so far away from each other now. In any case, we wish you all the best on new paths.
Maybe we will meet again somewhere.
In any case on the net.
Best regards from Lower Austria


2010 03 31   Thanks 🙂


Dear Robert,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for our creative shooting “back then” on 20.12.2009. I felt really comfortable all around and always look at the pictures we conjured up.
You have your own style of photography – a style that I like very much. It was a pleasure working with you and I highly recommend you to everyone.
Greetings 🙂


2010 02 01   First Class


Hello Robert,
I’ve been looking at your pictures.
You have a wide range of first-class photos, but I envy you one in particular, the picture of Keith Emerson in 1973.
E,L&P are still one of my favorite bands and I would have loved to have been at that concert, but unfortunately that was not possible for well-known reasons. Maybe we both would have sung along Lucky Man 😉 .
See you again


2010 01 20   Surprise!!!


Hello Robert,
found your website, great site, natural nudity without any flavor, meets my sense of aesthetics fully.
Dear greetings from the Black Forest Anja


2009 12 17   Thank You


Dear Robert!
Thank you for the nice Christmas mail and the link to your very personal homepage. I already know some of your impressive pictures, and it is always nice to look at them in detail. But I have also seen many that are new to me when quickly browsing through. There I will certainly not be bored over Christmas! 😉
Thank you very much!
Merry Christmas and Cheers 2010 to you too!
Best regards


2009 12 17   Christmas Gift


Dear Robert,
thank you very much for the link to your interesting portfolio together with your Christmas greetings! A nice Christmas gift. Some of your pictures had already made an impression on me in other exhibitions. I almost have the feeling that I know you, which is not true in reality.
LG Dirk.


2009 12 10   Moments


Your creativity suggests happiness. I am happy about it 🙂


2009 11 27   Congratulations


Dear Robert!
We are happy to see your wonderful pictures. You’re surprising again and again, because one
increase hardly for possible. But your wealth of ideas and your creativity seem
to be inexhaustible. Congratulations to your great HP and best regards to all of you


2009 10 25   Simply great

GABI – Austria

Dear Robert!
Congratulations on the “snazzy” girl photos. If I were in this age group, I would immediately contact you about a shooting appointment!


2009 10 02   Diversity

OTMAR STEINER – Steyr/Austria

Dear Robert!
Your masterful photographs, with all their diversity, bear your very personal signature. All genuine “Komareks”.
Congratulations and best regards
Yours, Otmar


2009 10 02    Yes!


These are exquisite new images.
with best regards from Vienna
Christian Stangl


2009 10 01   You are unsurpassable!!

ANDREA POSSLER – Vienna/Austria

It’s just gorgeous what you have created again lately!
Simply put unsurpassable!
Thank you for letting me look at it!

The Andreoids


2009 08 31   First Class

ANDREA * ANDREAS – Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert!
Once again we may admire that you are unsurpassably beautiful master of the art of photography!!!! Great admiration!!!
Thank you.
The Andreoids


2009 05 26   Pictures


Now I am on your homepage, also very, very interesting, also your Vita is interesting…
I’m glad to see always new and interesting photos!
Greetings Tina


2009 03 24   Bowing

ALEX WURDITSCH – Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert,
I can only congratulate you on this homepage.
Your pictures are all greatARTy and alive.
You have seen a lot in your life and know how to let others participate.
Keep it up.


2008 11 03   Your photos


I’ve been looking through your photos, and they are beautiful. Give a sense of peace.
Good luck in the future.
Greetings from Norway!
Inger-Jeanette Olaussen


2008 10 21   Greetings from the country inn

ANDREA FALLMANN – Ybbsitz/Austria

With your photo art you convey something very special to us. We are very impressed with your new home. Just looking at it makes us feel good. We hope to see you again at the Landgasthof and send our love to you and your wife!
Andrea Fallmann, Maria and Gerhard Grabner


2008 09 26   … extraordinary …


…and beautiful is this homepage…


2008 06 21   Still brilliant!

MICHAEL P. – Vienna/Austria

Glad you are doing well and can now do what has always been your destiny. Best regards from Vienna!


2008 06 17   Respect

WOLF – Austria

Beautiful homepage, very good photos! Respect!


2008 06 11   Oboles


And even if it meant carrying obols to Athens (where they belong!): Robert Komarek knows how to ignite storms of enthusiasm by lowering his right index finger. Intuition, talent, experience, knowledge and diligence – five indispensabilities, which unite in one man to give the photo friend minutes of speechless amazement. I would like to thank you for this.


2008 04 18   The Past


Dear Robert
It is always a pleasure to be able to look at your pictures.
You make the past an event in the future as well.
We keep you in mind.
Andreas and Andrea (Summer of 73)


2008 04 13   Your photos

MOTOM – Austria

Your portfolio just classic


2008 04 08  Speechless

ANDREAS ZEPPELZAUER – Wolfgangsee/Austria

Dear Robert, I am simply speechless. Such good work is rarely seen in my line of work. I am proud to know such a great artist personally.
Best regards from the Salzkammergut


2008 04 06   Congratulations!


Dear Robert !
I congratulate you very much to your really great homepage! Your pictures are unique and show us your great skills.
with kind regards


2008 04 21   Hello Robert


A wonderful way to present the photos ;-))) It is a very appealing site that I like very much ! what pleases me even more : now I can continue to admire your photos here ;-)))
Best regards from Vienna, Elisabeth


2008 04 01   Fine Arts

ANDREAS WOLF – Saudi Arabia

A portfolio full of delicate fine art – very enjoyable to look at!
With best regards,


2008 03 29   A Large Portfolio.


A truly large portfolio. It reflects not only successful decades of life, but also the change in photography itself.


2008 03 29   Something very special …

DR. HELGUND SEIDLER – Vienna/Austria

… I have always expected from you since I met you, and you have never disappointed me. This homepage has now really become an exquisite frame for your valuable portfolio. Congratulations!


2008 03 21   yes, yes, o’yes

ANITA RICHTER – Vienna/Austria

Who would have thought that despite the whole move out / move / interim living / new building still so much time remains to devote so sufficiently to your great artistic things.
but as you can see, what is really important to you, you do !!!
congratulations – you turned out pretty
anita/mr simi/nuki san


2008 03 20   Wow

GABI – Austria

Wanted to let you know that I think it’s GREAT how determined you are with your projects and how you pull it off – and of course TOI TOI TOI for the future projects!
Now I will see the pictures sooner than only at Christmas when we meet each other!
New Zealand 1994 – Robert unchanged – 14 years older, only the hair a bit grayer!!!
step by step to reach the goal!!!


2008 03 19   To Bow

ALEX WURDITSCH – Vienna/Austria

Dear Robert,
your photos are a feast for the eyes! It’s really fun to click through the wide range.
When will there be an exhibition?
Greetings Alex


2008 03 19   Greyhound photos


What wonderful photos. I can’t find words… Great compliments! Do you ever find them published somewhere (other than this website)?
Kind regards


2008 03 17   10.001

HELMUT HÖLZL – Vienna / Austria

The first 10,000 shots are the worst. (Helmut Newton)
What you see here starts at least at 10,001.
Kind regards


2008 03 17   Talent is not a matter of luck …

FRANZ ERTL – Austria

… but the strong will to discover your true passions, to believe in them and to develop them consequently…
I am happy for you that you can now live your true passion. All the best and best regards


2008 03 17  Enthusiasm

RUDI – Austria

Your home page is excellent, congratulations.
I admire your eye for detail and your imagination.So for your further work all the best. Too bad that we live so far apart. Best regards to all of you
Rudi & Inge


2008 03 17   Congrats

ANDREA POSSLER – Vienna / Austria

Beautiful, I am thrilled – keep it up !!!!
Lookout with dear greetings also to your loved ones


2008 03 16   Wow!

HERWIG – L.A. / Austria

Congratulations! SO I imagine a HP!


2008 03 16   Beautiful

HELGA – Steyr/Austria

Hello Robert! A poem! And a real pleasure to meet again so many “friends” (… in figurative form: human, animal, geographical, humorous, musical, loving, detailed, imaginative …). Congratulations!

PS: Only with the dogs you have saved (too) much!

Further all love and good, yours



2008 03 15   Congratulations

CHRISTINE – Vienna / Austria

Dear Robert! Have just seen your photos. Love you anyway. In old friendship, Christine